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What is Wheatgrass?


Wheat Grass is a natural health product having therapeutic value. Wheatgrass is produced by allowing the sprouted organic wheat seedsto grow up to a height of about 6 inches till the green leaf begins to form a stem.

Common Name: Wheatgrass / Wheat Grass Powder
Botanical Name: Folium Triticum Aestivum

In Indian tropical climate, the Wheatgrass grows quickly in 7 days & is then harvested at this "joining" stage when maximum beneficial nutrients are ‘stored’ in its tender green blades of grass. Wheatgrass Juice contains more than 92 beneficial nutrients like chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial to human health.

Wheatgrass in Powder form is the most convenient and result oriented method of acquiring the health benefits of Wheatgrass. It is better than synthetic vitamins / supplements and without any harmful side effects.


What is the history of Wheatgrass?

Dr. Ann Wigmore

Wheat Grass has been mentioned for health benefits in many cultures worldwide since ancient times. Wheat Grass comes under the alternative therapy branch of wellness industry called as Naturopathy or Nature Cure. In modern times, Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994) from Boston in USA is considered as the chief exponent of ‘Wheatgrass Therapy’ in modern times and has popularized the usage of Wheatgrass worldwide. She was amongst the first ones to conduct extensive research and experiments for exploring the therapeutic value of Wheatgrass. She has hailed Wheatgrass as ‘A complete natural food’ providing all the necessary nutrition. 

Popularized in the 1970’s by Dr. Ann Wigmore and other natural food pioneers, tray-grown Wheatgrass juice has become a familiar product in juice bars, natural food stores and the homes of do-it-yourself juicers worldwide. More scientific research by many Dieticians, Raw Health Food promoters & Naturopaths worldwide has established that drinking the green chlorophyll juice of Wheatgrass shots on a daily basis helps one maintain health & overcome many health problems.

Why Wheatgrass Powder?
In trying to escape diseases man resorts to drugs and medicines, which may cause long-term harmful side effects. People spend fortunes to get rid of ailments; but relief is nowhere in sight. Greek philosopher Hippocrates, who lived about 2400 years ago, has rightly said ‘Let thy food be thy medicine‘ Our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself if provided proper nutrition environment and exercise. Nature has many unexplored secret herbal remedies or nutritional foods like Wheatgrass that can help us maintain health and fight diseases.
Mother Nature has gifted us with many plants and herbs which can help us maintain good health. People worldwide are getting familiar with natural health products made from Ganoderma, Maca, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Barley Grass, Alfa Alfa, Wheatgrass, etc. Out of all these the green chlorophyll rich Wheatgrass juice got fantastic results from world-wide and is hailed as 'The Panacea on Earth' by many internationally famous Naturopaths and Dieticians. However it is difficult to grow Wheatgrass in modern urban environment. Hence its got converted to Wheatgrass Powder which is the most versatile and highly beneficial traditional medicine product.
Wheat Grass Powder is a 'single ingredient' natural health food supplement having therapeutic value that helps promote health and healing.Wheatgrass in Powder form is most convenient, economical & efficient way of acquiring the goodness of this natural remedy product in our modern day lifestyle.Our mission is to promote awareness & make them available to the people of our beautiful country.

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