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How to Use

1) 1 bottle = 100 g Powder = 30 days course.
2) For best results, mix 1 spoon (3 g) Wheatgrass Powder in a glass of warm water & drink on an empty stomach.
3) Tastes fresh & palatable, just like plain spinach vegetable but a little sweet.
4) If you want to blend taste, add 1 tsp. honey or mix with any sweet fruit juice.
5) SAFE- for children above 1 year, the elderly, infirm and women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and if trying to conceive


1)Wheatgrass Powder therapy should accompany a good diet consisting of vegetables, soups, sprouts, green salads, fruits, juices, dry fruits, etc.
2)Bakery products, fried foods, sweets, spicy foods, overcooked food, non-veg, alcohol, etc. should be kept to a minimum.

how to take wheatgrass powder

Suggested Quantity:

A. Normal people
(For generally well being and rejuvenation).

  • For 1 month - For 1 month - 1 spoon in the morning.
    a) Continue the Wheatgrass Powder all year
    b) If you want to take a break, then repeat the course (1 bottle) after a gap of every 5-6 months.
    No harmful side effects even if Wheatgrass Powder is taken continuously for a long time.

B. As help to overcome health problems:

  • First 5 days - 1 spoon in morning.
  • 6th to 10th day - 1 spoon in morning and evening.
  • 11th day onwards - 2 spoon in morning & evening.
    Then -
    a) Reduce Wheatgrass powder quantity gradually & stop if desired result is achieved OR
    b) Continue at least 1 spoon Wheatgrass Powder daily as part of an ongoing health program.

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